About Us

We are the Bouquet flower shop chain.

Our network successfully started in December 2015, when on ul. Smelyanskaya, 2 opened the first flower shop “Bouquet”. Residents of the city of Cherkasy appreciated the service and quality of the range in our flower shops, and thanks to a positive customer response, our network began to grow. At the moment, “Bouquet” includes two flower shops located in different parts of the city of Cherkasy.

Fresh flowers and designer bouquets

In our assortment are presented flowers and bouquets, dedicated to any special events, created taking into account the different tastes of customers. We offer our visitors both topical floristic novelties and our favorite classics. In our flower house you will be made not only a traditional female bouquet, but also a stylish composition for a man.

Bouquets in hat boxes

One of our favorite services is the creation of holiday compositions in hat boxes. This floristic invention is very popular among our customers. Flowers in a hat box – the best gift to anyone who does not surprise the traditional bouquet. This is also a great option if you are going to a wedding – stylish, comfortable and original.

Houseplants, orchids Cherkasy

Plants in pots create comfort in the house, in addition, they can be presented for a holiday instead of a bouquet. In our flower shops you will find over 80 varieties of potted flowers and about 100 types of orchids of various colors. The collection of beautiful orchids is the real pride of the “Bouquet”. If you are planning to buy an orchid in the city of Cherkasy from us, then you can immediately receive the necessary information on caring for it.

Registration of a wedding and banquet in the city of Cherkasy

Registration of weddings and banquets in flowers in the city of Cherkasy is best entrusted to professionals. Flowers are an integral part of weddings and other celebrations, and it is very important to pay due attention to this design element. The floral arrangements selected with taste will harmoniously fit into your photos, emphasizing the beauty of the newlyweds and the decoration of the hall. Flower decoration wedding in Cherkasy will make the holiday truly unforgettable. In addition, thanks to direct deliveries and good resources, we offer you pleasant prices for any wedding decoration, as well as a large selection of flowers and exotic plants to your taste.

Flowers delivery in Cherkasy

If for some reason you can not pick the bouquet personally, we will gladly deliver it to the addressee. At the request of the client, this can make a professional pantomime actor, then the surprise will be even more memorable. We will make for you a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, suitable for the occasion, and deliver to any point of Cherkasy or suburb.

We look forward to seeing you in “Bouquet” flower houses!