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Boxin №17

875 грн.

Bright boxing in pink and white.

The composition of boxing includes: roses, hypercum, lagurus, spray roses, freesia, eucalyptus, eustoma

Boxing size – 12×14 sm.

The size of the composition is 25×27 sm.

Boxing № 19

1300 грн.

Романтичный бокс Единорог из разноцветной гипсофилы. Возможен в белом или розовом цвете бокса
Размер композиции – 34*33 см

Boxing №11

775 грн.

Box with 13 roses and eucalyptus.

The size of the composition is 18 * 20 cm.

May be arranged in different colours.


Flower Basket #1

1450 грн.

Flower basket size L

The composition consits of the spring flowers: tulips, roses, eustoma, eucalyptus, dianthus

Flower Basket #2

1050 грн.

Flower basket size М

The composition consits of the spring flowers: tulips, roses, eustoma, eucalyptus, dianthus

Bouquet №8

725 грн.

Fresh fragrant spring mix in a stylish package.
Composition: roses, tulips, dianthus, eustoma and gypsophila

Bouquet № 1

800 грн.

An armful of dusty Memory Lane roses in stylish packaging.
In a bouquet of 15 roses

Bouquet №31

1075 грн.

25 тюльпанов микс  в нежной упаковке. Упаковка букета влагостойкая.



25 tulips in waterproof wrapping.

Bouquet №37

575 грн.

Delicate  bouquet of spring flowers in white tones. Contains: freesia, eustoma, rose, dianthus, hypericum and eucalyptus

Bouquet №20

675 грн.

Свежий весенний микс из розы, спрей-розы, хризантемы, хиперикума и эвкалипта в стильной упаковке.

Упаковка букета: влагостойкая.
Диаметр букета: 35 см


Gentle bouquet consist of roses, spray roses, hypericum, eucalyptus , chrysanthemums
Diametr of bouquet: 35 sm

Suite №20

1700 грн.

A gentle mix in a hatbox and an airy XL heart (different color options are possible)

Set №1

800 грн.

Composition of 8 foil balls.
Foil balls are hypoallergenic and fly up to three weeks.
The color scheme of the set can be any

Set №2

600 грн.

A small neat composition of chrome balls, foil balls and a large ball with confetti.